Owning a mobile phone today is very easy thanks to America’s #1 National no-contract wireless provider, Tracfone. Subscribers can finally enjoy the least expensive way that allows one to own as well as use a mobile phone in America. No bills, no-contract, no Daily or monthly fees – how about that.

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The company will provide a generous service that allows subscribers to make local, roaming and international calls at local call rates. This is possible to more than 100 destinations globally thanks to their reliable network. Tracfone will offer amazing phones from smartphone giants like Samsung Motorola and LG. The phones will be available at unbeatable prices. Customers will have a wide selection to pick from starting with basic candy bar phones to Bluetooth enabled phones. This can be bought from an all-in-one shop. Subscribers will be able to purchase airtime through Tracfones online portal or via their phone. One can also walk to one of Tracfone’s retail stores which are spread across America with over 90,000 retailers.

The company has come up with amazing offers and one of them is designed for people with a contract phone. Tracfone will enable subscribers with contract phones to shift to the company’s network. The customers will be able to have freedom from hiked bills, hidden charges, cancellation penalties and bills. From as low as $9.99, customers can finally own a phone and will no longer hesitate to own a phone because of high prices or bills. The budget friendly phones are fit for every lifestyle. A 3 step process is involved when buying a phone from Tracphone.

For customers using pre-paid phones, the company will provide a change of plans at anytime without the need of charging a single penny as penalty. The mobile phone service provider also offers a special Unlimited Carry Over benefit which allows one to carry forward minutes and days of service until the time you keep your phone service active.

The 3 step buying Tracfone’s process involves the following. First, select a handset from the many brands produced by LG, Motorola and Samsung. Once you have done so, an activation card will be provided with the package. The customer should follow the instructions on the card in order to activate the phone. Airtime or service plan is needed to complete the last stage. Add airtime in order to activate your phone and keep the services active. Pay as you go airtime plan and monthly value plans are the services offered to customers to keep adding airtime.

The company is renowned for providing dependable network services across America as well as being a reseller of cell phones. They have a wide network of retailers across America making it easier to access Tracfones services. Special offers include Double and Triple minutes for life on select phones. What this translates into is that for every airtime bought, one will get double or triple the amount. Tracfone offers 100% money back guarantee when products are returned within a period of 30 days from the day of purchase. Using a mobile phone in America has become easier and comfortable thanks to Tracfone’s exciting deals.

Shopping and Saving Tips From Tracfone

As a customer, the best deal that can save you money is the Pay-As-You-Go plan. To find more deals that will allow you to save, visit You will get deals that offer free minutes when you purchase airtime cards for the Pay As You Go plan. You can take a quick look of all hot deals within your area. All you have to do is input your zip code. For example, if you find that the phone is the gift, enter the zip code of the gift recipient. This will allow you to see all deals and discounts available. You can take a look at phones on sale, bonus free talk time, texts and data for your smartphone.

You can find out if your area is covered by Tracfone service. Are you concerned about the coverage around your location? Tracfone’s website has an interactive map which allows customers to determine whether or not the service is available in their area before a customer signs up.

If you are looking for free shipping offers, you can overnight shipping deals when you make a minimum purchase from Tracfone’s website. A coupon code may also be available that includes free shipping.

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